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Appeal Process

Owner/Agents may appeal their evaluation only when they receive a rating of either Below Average or Unsatisfactory on the overall rating.  There are two opportunities for appeal:  (1) the First Level Appeal, and (2) the Second Level Appeal.

First Level Appeal

The First Level Appeal must be received by LOMOD within 30 days of the MOR report date. 

A decision on the Initial Appeal and transmittal to the Owner/Agent will be sent within 45 days of the receipt of the appeal. 

Second Level Appeal

The Second Level Appeal must be forwarded to HUD within 15 days of receipt of the First Level Appeal determination, rendered by the PBCA, and must include additional documentation to support changes to the Overall and/or Categorical Ratings.

Example Timeline

When the MOR is completed and the report indicates an Overall Rating of Below Average or Unsatisfactory, the Owner/Agent who elects to appeal must submit their appeal package to the PBCA to ensure it is received within 30 days of the report date.

Report Date: March 31, 2009
Appeal Due: April 30, 2009

The PBCA will complete its review of the First Level Appeal and render a decision and transmit to the Owner/Agent within 45 days of receipt of the appeal.

Appeal Received: April 30, 2009
Decision Due: June 14, 2009

If the Owner/Agent chooses to pursue a Second Level Appeal, all additional documentation to support their appeal must be received by HUD within 15 days of the date of the determination in the First Level Appeal.

Decision Received: June 14, 2009
Second Level Appeal Due: June 29, 2009