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Contract Renewal & Rent Adjustments

Our goal is to work with owners and agents to make sure that contracts remain current and there are no breaks in Section 8 payments. Multi-year contract renewals are one way to keep contracts in place and we will work with HUD on your request to renew a contract for more than a year.

It’s also important to provide a reasonable increase to rents to make sure that your property has the resources available to cover expenses, repairs, and services and provide a fair return.

The rent adjustment and contract renewal options for your property are defined by the Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide Guidebook and the governing documents for your property (e.g., Housing Assistance Payments Contract, Use Agreement, Plan of Action).

This page provides links to the HUD guidance for the contract renewal and rent adjustment processes. If you have any questions or would like to request a checklist for the rent adjustment or contract renewal that you plan on submitting, please email us at


Reference Material:

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OCAF Rent Adjustments:

Budget-Based Rent Adjustments:

Annual Adjustment Factor Rent Adjustments:

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