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Housing Assistance Payment

Initial Baseline Period

For the first three months after your contract has been assigned to the Southern California Performance Based Contract Administrator, LA LOMOD, your contract will be in the baseline period. This baseline period provides a timeframe for the PBCA to build your project and resident databases for the purpose of reviewing and approving your monthly HAP requests.

Detailed, date-specific instructions will be provided, but below is a summary of the steps you will take during this process:

  1. Submission of documents to LOMOD which will include the following items:
    • Complete Property Profile Form with owner’s signature (this will be mailed to you via the USPS).
    • Executed Rent Schedules – current and previous
    • Unit listing including bedroom sizes
    • Income limits indicating the appropriate county or city
    • 1199 Direct Deposit Forms
    • W-9 Form
  2.  Baseline preparation/submission instructions for tenant TRACS data. This step is critical to ensure a timely transition of the voucher payment process from HUD to the PBCA. It involves:
    • Preparing a baseline of tenant data in the prescribed MAT file format,
    • Submission (via iMAX) of the baseline file(s) to LOMOD’s TRACS mailbox, and
    • Submission (via email/fax) of prior vouchers to LOMOD for startup reconciliation purposes.
    • During this process, your voucher specialist will communicate directly with your staff with any questions they have. Once the baseline process has been completed, the normal monthly processing cycle begins. All TRACS transmissions (vouchers and tenant data) are sent to LOMOD via iMAX.

Regular Processing Period

(All Voucher information, including tenant data, is due by the 1st of the month, but should be absolutely submitted by the 10th of the month.)

Owner/Agents will receive instructions for the normal monthly processing cycle including:

  • Submission deadlines - All voucher and tenant information is due by the 1st of the month, but should be absolutely submitted by the 10th of the month
  • Emailing/faxing instructions of signed Owner/Agent-prepared vouchers.