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How to Close Out Findings

A Finding is an area identified during the Management Review that requires action on the part of the property. Findings are listed in the first section of the Management Review Report and consist of the following components:

  • Condition (outlines the problem/deficiency, or area of non-compliance)
  • Criteria (the statutory, regulatory or administrative requirement that was not met)
  • Cause (why the condition occurred)
  • Effect (what happened because of the condition)
  • Corrective Action (the action that must be taken to regain compliance)

The Corrective Action portion of the Finding outlines the specific action you must take to address the noted deficiency.

When responding to Findings, read the Condition and Corrective Action thoroughly and carefully.  Complete the Corrective Action in its entirety (i.e. provide all requested written certifications and accompanying documents).

  • Ensure that items are properly completed, and if necessary, signed and dated.

  • Ensure that all written certifications are signed, and on company letterhead. Be careful when rewording requested written certifications, as many certifications contain specific language related to HUD regulations.

  • Do not provide certification to anything that is not true. LOMOD staff will follow-up on the Corrective Action during the next Management Review, and repeat areas of non-compliance may affect the property's rating.

Submit a formal, written, signed response to each Finding, to support that the action has been taken, within 30-days.