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Management & Occupancy Review

HUD has established goals for Section 8 project-based properties, as described in the October 2003 Summary for Property Owners of HUD Handbook 4350.3:

“HUD-subsidized multifamily properties represent an important and valuable resource in addressing the nation’s affordable housing needs. The successful delivery of this housing resource to the people who need it depends on effective occupancy policies and procedures.  HUD’s occupancy requirements and procedures ensure that eligible applicants are selected for occupancy, that tenants receive the proper level of assistance, and that tenants are treated fairly and consistently.”

The Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) is HUD’s primary tool to monitor how well a Section 8 property is meeting these goals.  LOMOD conducts an MOR for every property annually.  Our goal for the MOR process is to help owners and agents identify areas for improvement so that the properties meet HUD goals and the ratings continue to rise.

To help owners and agents plan and prepare for an upcoming MOR, LOMOD has provided the 2010-2011 HUD approved MOR work plan.  This work plan is in alphabetical order by the project name as listed in iREMS and does not indicate any HUD approved reschedules or work plan revisions.