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Preparing for the Review

The MOR is not a secret process.  The MOR form (Form HUD-9834) provides information on all of the areas reviewed by LOMOD, as the PBCA, and those areas reviewed only by HUD.  Here’s a summary:

What we review:

  • General appearance & security (crime data & security measures)
  • Follow-up of Project Inspections:  REAC/EHS
  • Maintenance and Related Standard Operating Procedures:  maintenance schedule, inventory, inspections, turn-over, work orders, energy conservation (subject to new HUD emphasis)
  • Leasing and Occupancy Issues
  • Tenant/Management Relations:  Grievance policy, tenant organizations, tenant services
  • General Management Practices:  Response to tenant complaints, staff development, Office signs & emergency numbers posted, staffing and personnel practices

What HUD reviews (for PBCA properties):

  • Financial management and procurement
  • General Management Practices:  Staff reporting, insurance, Owner/Agent Participation

The HUD-9834 provides information on what we review before our on-site visit (Desk Review:  pages 1-7), the questions we will ask during the on-site visit (pages 8-25), and what we will review in the tenant files (Addendum A:  Tenant File Review Worksheet).  The leasing and occupancy area is the heart of the MOR and has the greatest impact on the overall rating.  Performance in this area is based almost entirely on the results of the review of tenant files.  You can prepare for the MOR by using the Tenant File Review Worksheet to assess the quality of your files.

 One way to prepare for the Management Review is to conduct a mini-audit of your property using the HUD-9834 Management Review Report, including Addendum A of HUD-9834 to ensure that all required documents are in each tenant file.

Reviewing the MOR checklists which will be used to review the documents requested during the MOR is another way to prepare.  All the checklists are available in our Library.

We suggest that the previous year's Management Review Report be reviewed to ensure that all Findings/Required Corrective Actions have been adequately addressed. Observations/Recommended Actions from the previous year's Management Review Report should be reviewed and assessed as well.  Also review the property's last physical inspection report (REAC Report) and ensure that any deficiencies noted have been corrected.

On the day of the Management Review on-site visit please have the appropriate staff available for the entrance and exit interview and prepared to any questions from the Compliance Specialist.