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REAC Inspection Scores Explained

REAC Inspections are scored using a scale of 1 to 100. The most recent REAC score determines when the next inspection will occur.

Score Frequency of Inspection
90-100 Every 3 years
80-89 Every 2 years
79 and below Every year

After each numerical score, there are three letters (A-C) that may follow, in addition to an *. The definition of these characters is as follows:

a No health and safety deficiencies noted
b Non-Life Threatening health and safety deficiencies noted
c At least one Life Threatening health and safety deficiency noted
* At least one inoperable smoke detector noted

A passing score for a REAC Physical Inspection is 60 or above. All inspections with a score of 59 and below are subject to referral to HUD's Department of Enforcement Center (DEC). LOMOD will notify the local HUD project manager and DEC may request LOMOD to issue a Notice of Default of Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract.  Owners will be given 60 days to make all repairs and a re-inspection will be scheduled.

If the property scores a 60 or above on the re-inspection, the previous failed inspection will be closed. If the property scores 59 or below (failing score) on the REAC re-inspection, the HUD Program Center will submit a Compliance Disposition Enforcement (CDE) Plan to HUD Headquarters containing the Program Center's recommendations to address the failure of the property to meet HUD property standards requirements, which may include, but not limited to, debarment, civil penalties, and abatement of subsidy or HAP contract termination.