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Resident Concerns

The owner/agent has the responsibility to address resident concerns and health and safety issues. LOMOD acts as a liaisons between resident and owner/agent when a resident concern is brought forward.  There are three Categories of Resident Concerns; Life threatening, Non-life threatening exigent health and safety issues, and General Inquires, LOMOD will gather information from the tenant and assess the situation, present the given information to owner/agent and follow up until the issue is resolved.  LOMOD refers to the REAC Dictionary of Deficiency Definitions DCD 2.3 to assist in determining the level of health and safety issues.

Examples of life threatening health and safety issues:

  • Exhaust fumes from heating system
  • Lack of heating in winter months
  • Inoperable smoke detector
  • Lack of unit security
  • Broken/damaged water or gas lines
  • Propane/natural gas/methane gas detected
  • Electrical hazards such as exposed wires and open panels
  • Water leaks on or near electrical equipment
  • Blocked off or inaccessible emergency or fire exits
  • Flammable materials stored incorrectly

Examples of non-life threatening health and safety issues:

  • Improperly stored garbage and debris, or accumulation of garbage and debris exceeding the capacity of the storage area
  • General defects or hazards that pose risk of bodily injury
  • Evidence of insects, rats, mice or vermin
  • Missing exit signs
  • Elevator Safety
  • Sewer odor detected
  • Air quality
  • Mold or mildew observed

We recommend that tenants first contact the on-site manager or property management agent to resolve health and safety issues as well as any other concern the tenant may have. If the concern is not corrected, tenants may contact LOMOD’s Resident Hotline at 1-877-240-4904.

LOMOD will contact the owner or agent to resolve issues within:

  • one hour of receipt for life threatening health and safety issues; or
  • two business days of receipt for non-life threatening health and safety issues.