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Special Claims Reminders

  1. Make sure that all HUD claim forms (HUD 52670-A, part 2, HUD 52671-A, and HUD 52671-C) are signed and dated.  Verify all calculations on HUD forms for accuracy.
  2. Per the Special Claims Guidebook
    • Section 3-4.A and 5-4.A, the claim must be submitted within 180 days from the date the vacated unit was first available for occupancy.
    • Section 3-3.C.2, a copy of the HUD 50059 completed at move-in for the former tenant is required.
    • Section 3-3.C.5, provide documentation that verifies the date the unit was available for occupancy.
    • Section 5-2.E.2, for tenant damages, only extraordinary repairs and/or replacements should be claimed.
    • Section 1-5.H.1, an appeal to a special claim determination must be submitted within 30 days from the date on the letter denying or adjusting a claim.
  3. Waiting lists submitted with special claim requests must show evidence that they are “working” waiting lists.  A mere list of applicants is NOT evidence of a working waiting list.  The report should be in applicant date order, and include annotations which indicate updated contact results and status of each applicant.
  4. Per the Special Claims Guidebook, “the owner must verify all tenant transmissions to TRACS (move-in, move-out, etc.) prior to submitting the special claim for approval”.  To satisfy this requirement, you must have access to HUD’s Secure Systems.  You will need to log into the TRACS Certification Query to confirm that the move out record (and move in record, if applicable) is in TRACS.  Please print the screen which shows the appropriate record and include with your special claim submission documents as evidence that you have verified TRACS.
  5. Be sure to enter your “approved” special claims on a voucher within 90 days from the approval letter.  Per the FAQ’s issued by HUD, “if an owner fails to submit an approved claim through the voucher system after the 90-calendar day claim period then payment of the special claim will be denied”.