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Top 10 Items Frequently Missing from Owner Submissions

Prior to submitting your request for a rent adjustment or contract renewal, be sure to review the submission requirements in the Section 8 Renewal Guidebook.  Incomplete submissions can delay the processing of your request.  Below is a list of the most frequently missing documents that delay processing.

  1. Debt Service Verification - (Mortgage Payment Coupon/Amortization Schedule)
  2. One-year tenant notification - (signed and on company letterhead)
  3. Utility Allowance Analysis - (If applicable)
  4. Energy Conservation Statement - (If applicable)
  5. Utility Allowance Recommendation form - (If applicable)
  6. Power of Attorney - (in cases where agents sign on behalf of the owner)
  7. Monthly deposits into Reserve for Replacement Account - (If applicable)
  8. Rent Comparability Study (RCS)-(If applicable)
  9. Budget Based Cover Letter - (budget based submission)
  10. Line item justification/invoices - (budget based submissions)