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Annual Recertification

Each year, tenants who are not paying market rents must go through a recertification process with their property owner or manager. You should respond to your property owner or manager’s recertification notice as soon as possible. If you are late or you do not provide the required information to complete your recertification, you may be required to pay the regular market rent for your unit.

During the year, keep all your acceptable forms of verification, such as bank statements, pay stubs, W-2s, social security or disability statements, and any other document or receipt that shows your income and expenses. At the recertification, you must:

  • Report ALL income and assets of family members living in the unit.
    • Income includes: unemployment and disability pay, alimony, child support, money or goods received regularly from an agency or another person not living in the unit
    • Assets includes: cash at home or in bank accounts, CDs, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), lump sum or one-time payments
  • Provide proof of Social Security numbers for all family members in the unit who are under 62 years of age.  Effective January 31, 2010, parents of children under 6 years old have 90 days to get a Social Security Number and provide a copy to the property owner or manager. 
  • Provide copies of forms or receipts showing expenses for child care, tuition, disability assistance and unreimbursed medical care. 
  • Sign consent forms for income verification and sign the 50059 printed by the owner or manager.

Your property owner or manager will use the information you provide to calculate your portion of the rent. This is called Total Tenant Payment. Property owners and managers must give tenants a 30 day written notice before any increase in the total tenant payment. For an explanation on how your rent you can read the document How Your Rent is Determined.