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Reasonable Accommodation

If you or a family member in the unit is disabled, you are allowed to request reasonable adaptations or modifications to your unit which are necessary for the use and enjoyment of living in the unit. You must make the request in writing to the property owner or manager. Property owners or managers will make the requested accommodation unless doing so would result in undue financial and administrative burden or a fundamental change in the nature of the housing program that the property is under.

You may also request to be moved to another unit on the property that is physically accessible to persons with disabilities, if such a unit is available. The property owner or manager may put you on a waiting list for accessible units within the property if the units are occupied.

LOMOD is not responsible for responding to tenant concerns about housing discrimination, disability accommodations, or other civil rights issues. If you have concerns in these areas, you must contact HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.